Budding authors at Balmain Library

We were so busy learning the tools of the trade and playing fun word games that we ran out of time to write much! The Writing Workshop was held for the 8th time at our libraries, this time at the Balmain Branch. The age stipulated 7-15, but we only had three 13 year olds this time and the others had an average age of about 9 or 10. Last time at Balmain we had more teens, and some of the mothers asked me to put on another one. I usually do them at Leichhardt, but I thought that we’d balance it out a bit. We had a few laughs and in the process, I think some of the young ones were inspired to go off and write a bit more. The time went pretty fast! Apart from a yapping dog outside the window and some people not turning up who put their name down, it went off pretty well. It never ceases to amaze me how many talented young people that we have in our district. Well done kids. Don’t forget to put those skills to use in the annual Winter Writing Competition coming soon!


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