Winter Writing Competition coming soon!

The annual Winter Writing Competition will be in operation again this year. This year, I will post forms on the blog and give you details here to help you out. It should be a lot easier if you are computer savvy. However, I will also put some forms around like in other years in case you prefer to do it that way.

We have had great responses to the competition in the last 3 years of running it, so hopefully we will have another boom year with it. Get your thinking caps on and think up some ideas on “Winter”. A lot of marks go towards originality. I will put some tips here that I use in my writing workshops. This is what we followed as part of my university course in Creative Writing, and it usually produces a good story.

Rules of the Writing Road:

1. Write about what you know.
2. Don’t use ten words when you can use one.
3. Build a tent before you build a mansion.
4. Writing is not a nine to five job.
5. Carry a note book or some scrap paper with you and a pen.
6. Read lots of different kinds of books, magazines, newspapers and comics.
7. Listen to how people speak (without being a sticky beak!)
8. Watch movies, tv and listen to the radio. Look at poems and songs.
9. Go to the park, to the shops, travel.
10. Observe the way people walk, look, and react.
11. Think about the W’s and one H. Why, When, What, Who, Where and How.
12. Don’t tell the reader everything.
13. Avoid clichés and flowery language.

Good luck! Watch out for more details soon!


One thought on “Winter Writing Competition coming soon!

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