You are what you read: Some extra special books for budding young writers!

All books are special, but if you have some of the following books at home or if you come regularly to the library, you will find these books are a great help. The second book that I was ever given was a dictionary. From a very young age, I would pick a word a week and learn what it meant and how to spell it and how to use it. (The first book was a Dr Seuss book. ) A Thesaurus is a great book. I would advise budding young writers to use this rather than the thesaurus in “Word” on a computer. The computer version gives you plenty of other words to use, but it won’t tell you how to use it. Also, spelling differs and meanings differ from country to country. A quote book or two are great books too. I often find that a quote book will give me a funny line to base a story on or even a title sometimes. An atlas is a good book to find out about a city or country or mountain or river, etc, that you are writing about. It will also tell you the climate, what crops grow there and all of that sort of thing that will make your story more real and interesting. Dictionaries that give you translations of other languages are good too, for example, French/English or German/English. If you are writing a story where someone is travelling, a word or two can come in handy! Encyclopedias are good for facts and figures on people and places. All of these books are in the library, come and borrow them!


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