A note on Premier’s Reading Challenge in our libraries

Hello everybody. There has been a lot of interest in the Premier’s Reading Challenge lately in the library. We have a large amount of the collection, but it is impossible for budget, space and other reasons to have the entire collection. Also, our books are borrowed at a high rate, by not only the children in the Premier’s Reading Challenge, but also in the general public. To put a sticker on books in the Premier’s Reading Challenge is probably a better solution for schools, it would not work in a public library as well as it would there. Our library is for everybody. Our collection is a browsing collection. I am on the board of the Premier’s Reading Challenge and I am very proud to be, but the main focus is in the schools and we act in many ways, as a back up resource. We have 82% of the collection, which is a pretty good percentage. Titles in a series can be supplemented, so if one title is borrowed, another one is there. Our books get borrowed, that is what the function of a library is. Unfortunately, this means that books can’t always be on the shelf. You can always reserve an item or interlibrary loan it. We do our best for you, but we can’t possibly have every book on the shelf all of the time. That would be a very sad library….it would mean that nobody borrows our books!


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