Winter Writing Competition 2011 2nd Place, 7 to 9 years. Jade Robinson “Busted by the Blue”

Busted By the Blue
In the first week of the Winter holidays, on a very windy Sunday, me, my awesome loving dad, my cool amazing mum, my bird watching fun grandpa and my knitting Nana went down south to the glorious yet windy Gerroa. When we were on our way to Gerroa, my Grandpa saw this beautiful bluebird. It would of been ok, if Grandpa wasn’t driving! But he was. Suddenly, the car sped up, then we came to an abrupt halt. My stomach flipped, we had crashed into a 100 year old tree. Unfortunately for us, a police car was behind us and they got out and tapped on grandpa’s window three times. I was scared. The policemen asked for Grandpa’s licence and Grandpa handed it over. “1981?This licence is out of date,” the policeman said angrily. He dragged us all out of the car and into his own. I started to cry and Grandpas explained about the bluebird. The policemen felt sorry for us and put on some luxurious music while he drove, that happened to be Michael Jackson. I started crying harder. I hated Michael Jackson! The policeman felt so sorry for us that he started to slow down but he wasn’t doing anything else. I started to panic but the policeman didn’t notice. I glanced across at mum who was biting her lip. Suddenly, the car stopped, worries came over me again. Had we crashed again? “You’ve had enough punishment,” the policemen said as he let us out of the car. I was relieved and we were able to continue our eventful adventure towards Gerroa.
Jade Robinson (8 years Old)


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