Lyndon Wale – Winter Writing Competition 2012

A Glimpse of My Winter

Through the war torn streets of Rheims
The penetrating chill does blow
Whilst beneath starlit heavenly arms
Onto the grazing pastures of Yorkish farms
Does fall the faintest snow

The time approaches
It’s fantastic ways, so come
Let’s hear of Winter

In the time that comes
When lakes do freeze
And snow drifts upon sleeping mounds of fallen leaves
As the earth turns
Upon its solar tilt
The weather churns
The flowers wilt

Now upon the glass lies a sliver of frost
So under duvet we lie, replacing what cold has cost
But not me, I say
The cold shall not prey
I will not succumb
The cold can take no hold on me
Until my deed is done

My task as yet I do not know
Is it to guide them as blind through freezing snow?
Or to o’er watch the town
As it faces the chill
To make sure all is sound and the danger nil
But no, no, probably not
More likely the homework that I forgot
Or to keep with my girl her rosy shine
With that daggy but loved ol’ jacket of mine
Though I don’t really need such a big part
Just give me some fun and a place in your heart

But let us look further
Take a step back
And listen to the murmur
That winter is back
For whales, geese and penguins alike
‘tis the signal to start the world’s biggest hike
Through the valleys of the seas
Aloft the breeze
And, monumental of all
Battling eternal freeze.

The whole world is a stage
And the people the players
But even that is a cage
An arrogant lie of too many layers
The world itself is a beautiful thing
Always moving
Always shifting
To a song you can’t sing

Why bring it down
When, just like spring
It blossoms again
A smile from a frown
And the cycle goes round and around
Winter to Spring
Spring to Summer
Summer to Autumn
And Autumn to Winter
Though the leaves die and fall off the tree
And the geese will fly too far to see
Though I lend my jacket one more time
And the coldest wind sweeps the streets of thine
Remember how this happened before
It’s happening now and will happen some more
It’s all a great cycle
A cycle of life

This winter, this cold
Is a story to be told
A story akin to this one


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