Make your own town or village out of cardboard boxes!

Make a Town or Village with Cardboard Boxes

There are few things that are more fun to make than a Tiny Town Box Village. Get a firm corrugated cardboard carton will do. Fill the box with earth up to 1 1/2 inches from the top. Don’t level off the earth flat, but pat it into little hills, to make it look like a countryside. Be sure, however, to pack the earth firmly. Spread some moss, real or artificial, over the brown earth. Leave a road not covered with grass. For trees, use leafy twigs and evergreen branches. A pocket mirror makes a wonderful little lake. To make the lake look natural, pat the earth over the edges of the mirror. Plant some trees close to the lake so that they will be reflected in the mirror. Use tiny boxes to make little houses and barns. To make a slanting roof for your tiny house, cut out a piece of cardboard a little larger than the top of the box. Run your razor-blade lightly over the cardboard where you see the dotted lines in Picture One. Do not cut thoroughly—just score the cardboard enough to make it bend easily. Picture Two shows how the cardboard will look when folded. Picture Three shows how to shape two other pieces of cardboard to fill in the two open ends of your slanting roof. Bend these boards along the inside lines. Score them first to insure a neat fold. Smear paste on the bent-over edges before placing these pieces in the roof. Now smear paste along the bent-over edges of the roof and place it on top of the tiny house. To make a chimney, cut a little hole in the peak of the roof with your razor-blade, as shown in Picture Four. Then cut a tiny piece of cardboard into a rectangle shape and fold it into four sections, as shown by the dotted lines in Picture Five. Now place the chimney in the hole you made in the roof, as shown in Picture Six. The tiny house is now ready for windows and doors. A red roof and a green door on a white house always look nice. It is easier to color your house before you put it together; that is, to color the box before you put on the roof, and to color the roof while it is still a flat piece of cardboard. You can make little benches to place on the shore of the lake out of tiny pieces of wood or cardboard. A properly colored piece of paper pasted on a lollypop stick makes a good Australian flag. With toothpicks, matchsticks and paste you can make fine looking fences. If you happen to have a tiny auto or any tiny toy figures, they will add considerably to the scene. As you go along, you will keep getting new ideas and you will think of many kinds of ways to make your Tiny Town interesting and beautiful.


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