A Snake Ate My Homework – Lori Degman

imagesCAEIPE8NA snake ate all my homework, Ma’am, I swear to you, it’s true.
It swallowed it with one big GULP. It didn’t even chew.

I chased it to my brother’s room; it headed straight for Pete.
It ate his high-top sneakers and the socks right off his feet.

It gobbled up Pete’s football pants, his soccer shirt and shorts,
His baseball bat and catcher’s mitt (I guess the snake likes sports).

It slunk into the bathroom; poor Dad was in the tub.
It drank the water, soap and all. It gurgled, GLUB, GLUB, GLUB.

My dad slipped-slided, gave a yelp, and wrapped up in a towel,
but not before the snake escaped, so Dad joined in the prowl.

We tracked it to the kitchen; it had opened up the fridge.
The only things it didn’t eat were Mother’s snacks for bridge.

“There it goes!” my father called. “It’s heading toward the door!
We have to catch that snake before it swallows any more.”

Suddenly, I thought of how I’d get my homework back.
I gathered the supplies I’d need to launch my sneak attack.

I grabbed a jar of pepper and a box fan from upstairs.
I aimed it at the snake and said, “I hope you said your prayers!”

I sprinkled pepper near the fan; it floated on the breeze.
It sprayed the snake right in the face — “Ah CHOO!” Wow! What a sneeze!

The sneeze was so gigantic that it knocked me to the ground,
and everything came flying out; it scattered all around.

I found this on the neighbor’s lawn; I’m here at school on time.
So now my homework isn’t late. But, please, excuse the slime!


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