Welcome to our collections in the Children’s Libraries: Audiovisual


I thought that I would explain a little bit about our collections in the children’s libraries….without getting too complicated. Audiovisual is a big word, and for good reason, it covers a lot of things….both audio and visual!  So what does this cover?

DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMs and Talking Books (sometimes called Spoken Word).

Our DVDs are very popular, so popular that sometimes you will not be able to find a copy, because they are out borrowed!  I usually buy about 4 copies for each branch of these popular ones. Sometimes, they get damaged or stolen, which is sad, but I do try to replace them.

We buy all of the new movies that come out for kids, including the PIXAR and DISNEY ones. We have to be careful sometimes, as we can only buy E (exempt), G (General) and PG (Parental Guidance). In the case of Harry Potter series, some of them are in our section and others are in Young Adult, as they are M rated.

We also buy popular SBS and ABC children’s series like Playschool, Sesame Street, Bananas, etc.

Australian tv shows and some popular family American tv shows like classics Get Smart, Brady Bunch and Partridge Family are also in the collection.

We also buy the Eyewitness documentaries for kids on animals and other cool stuff. There are some sports documentaries and ones on trains and aeroplanes.

Some classic movies for kids are there as well, though not all are available on dvd yet.

CD music is mainly nursery rhymes, ABC for Kids stuff and things like the Muppets, etc.  We don’t buy a lot outside of this arena, because this is what is most popular and the pop music today can be a bit inappropriate for this age group.

CD-Roms are only a small collection now. Most kids have PS-3s or X-Box or some other video game device. There are a few games and educational cd-roms.

Talking Books are great for long trips or rainy days or times when you want to do two things at once, or three for that matter!  We have a great range of them at both libraries, including some of your favourites, like Andy Griffiths, Roald Dahl and lots of others.

I hope that this helps a little bit.




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