Achoo! A funny poem.


Sneezing is normal.
(I suppose.)
But one time while sneezing,
Cheryl Lynn Rose
shot a small dragon
out of her nose.
This wasn’t normal.
(Goodness knows).
And it really surprised
poor Cheryl Lynn Rose,
and the dragon too
(I suppose).
‘Cause nobody knew
that he lived in her nose.

Well, the dragon quite liked
sweet Cheryl Lynn Rose,
and lately he follows
wherever she goes.
I heard that he’s planning
to someday propose
to sweet little Cheryl Lynn,
Cheryl Lynn Rose.

But she feels
quite different.
(Goodness knows).
She never does
want him
to propose.
He thinks they’re friends.
She knows they’re foes;
How’d a dragon like that
come from such a cute nose?

Now every time Cheryl Lynn
huffs and blows,
she grabs her nostrils,
makes them close.
She’s afraid someone else
has taken a doze
inside her sneezing
little nose.

Poor little, poor little
Cheryl Lynn Rose.
So many troubles.
So many woes.
She’s stuck with a dragon
she never chose,
all ’cause she sneezed him
out of her nose.
He’ll always be with her
(I suppose.)

There they goes.

(C) 1998, Arden Davidson


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