Early Childhood Short List Nomination: Too many elephants in this house by Ursula Dubosarsky and Andrew Joyner

This book takes me back to my childhood (which is a long trip!). Lots of elephants, imagination and a little boy who even has a name that is more from the 1960’s than 2013. That is not a fault, that is its wonder. I had no idea what was going to happen when I started reading this book. It was not predictable at all. What was going to happen to all of these elephants, what was going to be the solution. As a picture book for little ones, I knew that it wouldn’t be too drastic, (a young adult book would do things differently!) but I didn’t really pick the ending. I thought that maybe Dubbo Zoo would be involved, somehow, or Werribee in Victoria, but alas, I was wrong. Eric and his elephants have that Golden Book/Dr Seuss book quality: a story which is a bit like a French Farce, (without the crazy language that Dr Seuss has), but with the simplicity and sweetness of a golden book. The drawings are even that wonderful old fashioned style. These folks delighted children and parents alike with The Terrible Plop. This is even better.

Four stars.




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