The Flight of the Snowflake by Claire Dunkerley

The Flight of the Snowflake

When I open my eyes,
Everything is grey.
I see all my friends,
come out to play.

Rumbling, and tumbling,
around we go.
Forward and back,
to and fro.

And all of a sudden,
I begin feel.
My innards expanding,
It doesn’t seem real

I am as big as a giant,
I know I can’t stay.
In the place that is covered,
Covered in grey.

Something pulls me,
into the walls.
A really strong force,
I can’t fight anymore.

Like a cork I pop out,
Into the world.
The sunlight looks like,
A stream of pearls.

The ground is white,
The sky blue.
It really is,
a wonderful view.

I fall like a feather,
flittering and fluttering.
And the beauty below,
Is slowly un-covering.

I land on ground,
As gentle as the sea.
I fit in quite well,
Can’t you see?

I’m practically invisible
But I know I’m unique
I am an individual
With a different physique.


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