Snowy the Snowman by William Smith – Winter Writing Competition 2013

One day in the middle of winter two brothers, muffled up in their warm winter clothes, set off to make a snowman. They trudged through the snow in the park near their house. The two brothers found a huge pile of snow. The older boy finally said, “We should make our snowman here.”

They started to role the snow into a ball when the wind whipped up and froze their faces. The two brothers were so cold they could not move a muscle. The moment of silence ended when a big branch fell from a tree and flattened the ball of snow they were using to make the snowman. The smaller boy whispered to his brother “Shh-ou-ld-d ww-e-ee go hom-me”.
Unfortunately the reply was no. His brother was determined to make the snowman. So the younger boy agreed to stay and help.

They both started again from snow that had once been the body of the snowman. When they finished the first ball for the second time they went to get some more snow. They came back with lots of snow. They finished the head very quickly.

The older boy instructed his brother to find six rocks – two big, four small, – one carrot, a pipe and a hat. He came back ten minutes later with what his brother wanted. They went over to the snowman and used the two big rocks as eyes, the four small ones as buttons, the carrot as a nose and put the pipe under the carrot.

Suddenly the snowman jumped alive and started singing “ I am a snowman. As alive as alive can be. I am a snowman. As alive as alive can be. Alive! Alive! Alive as alive can beeeeee!!!” then he asked, “Where am I?”
“You are in Central Park, New York,”replied the older brother. “What’s your name?”
“My name is Snowy. What’s your name?” the snowman said happily.
“My name is Jack and this is my brother Tom. Do you want come home with us?”
There was an awkward pause and then Snowy said, “I guess so. Where do you live?”
“We can direct you”.

5 minutes later they came to a red door. Tom knocked on the door and they could hear some footsteps coming to open it. Snowy saw a tall skinny lady wearing a pink dress.
She asked, “Jack who is this? One of your friends from school?”
“No” answered Jack, “He is a snowman. Can he come into the house.”
“Fine but make sure he doesn’t get the house all dirty. You know we have had the cleaners today.”
“Come in Snowy and sit with us in front of the fire”.
“Okay” came the cheerful reply of Snowy “I am freezing!!!”

So they quietly sat in front of the fire.
Until their Dad finally said, “Bed time you two. I mean you three. Snowy you can sleep in the spare bedroom. You two can show him where it is.”
So Jack and Tom showed Snowy where the spare bedroom was and headed off to bed.

The next day Jack and Tom got dressed and went to see how Snowy was. They found him in his bedroom lying on his bed singing.
“Snow in The Snow is very white. The snowmen make snowmen to have more friends. I love it… Oh hi”.
“Do you want to go and sit in front of the fire again?” asked Tom.
“Okay. I’ll come down with you.”

So they walked down the stairs to meet their parents sitting in front of the fire. They sat down feeling the heat blazing at them. A couple of minutes later they looked over Snowy to see how he was doing. But instead of Snowy they saw six rocks, a carrot, a pipe and a hat.

They all burst into tears.

William Smith


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