Winter Writing Competition results: 2014

Good Day Everybody,


Sorry for the delay, but we have been very busy and we wanted to spend time on going through all of the entries. Everybody will receive a certificate of participation in the post. The prize winners will receive a special certificate and a voucher very shortly. I will be posting as many of the entries that I can on to the blog, some are hard to scan as they are over the page limit and they are a bit big, but I will do what I can.


Congrats to everybody who entered. There were some wonderful entries.


Overall Winner: Maddie Clark

Encouragement Award: Georgio Reskakis.


5-7 years

1st: Scarlett McNamara

2nd: Claudia Peterie

3rd: Lola Feeney

8-10 years

1st: Grace Truman

2nd: Mia Lachevre

3rd: Finn McElligott

11-12 years

1st: Georgio Reskakis

2nd: Chiara D’Ambrosio

13-15 years

Winner: Maddie Clark

Thank you everybody for contributing to our Winter Writing Competition.  Awards will be sent out to you all soon.



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