Reviews by Children for the library

“Geronimo’s Valentine” by author Geronimo Stilton


The main character, Geronimo Stilton, runs a newspaper called the ‘Rodent’s Gazette’, but actually writes adventure stories about himself. What I find a little funny is, as a mouse, they use the word mouse throughout the book, for example ‘fabumouse’ instead of fabulous. I like these types of books because ‘it is whisker licking good’; accept I don’t have any whiskers.


In this particular book, Geronimo is getting ready for a valentine date with his dream. However, his date with Petunia Pretty Paws who sounds attractive, is about to get worse. As soon as he walks out of his house, fish come soaring though the air at him. So much for his best suit! When he changed and came out again, he slipped on a banana peel and made a rip in his suit. Finally, when he came back outside in his every day suit and walked to his golden convertible, a dump truck passed by and spilled mud all over him and his car. WHAT A DISASTER!


When he looked at the driver of the car, it was Hercule Poirat, who needed his help with a cheesecake mystery. Geronimo was 2 hours late for his date and had to wear a jogging suit. When he eventually got to the right restaurant to meet Petunia, she stormed off as soon as she smelt the fish.


There are many books in this series, which are funny and have messages about how to behave.  The printed text uses lots of different colours and fonts to reflect the meaning of certain words e.g. the word ‘cold’ is written in blue with snowflakes around it.  I highly recommend this book for those looking for a laugh and some adventure.



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