CBCA Awards 2015 – A House of her own by Jenny Hughes and Jonathan Bentley


This is one of the best Early Childhood nominations that I have read in a long time. An original book with a quirky sense of humour and a lovely ending. It is sort of a “you don’t know what you’ve got, til its gone” book. Without spoiling the book for you, it is subtle as well as being quirky. Tree houses are popular in songs and stories these days, perhaps a reflection on the best of the simple times of the past, which will draw a lot of parents and grandparents in and children who long for a tree to climb and a backyard.

The house that Audrey and her Dad build may not pass inspection from OH&S folks, but it is fanciful and serves as a tool for many of the lessons that Audrey is about to learn. You can have everything that you want but still miss the thing that you need the most.





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