CBCA Awards – Nominations – 2015:The Stone Lion by Margaret Wild and Ritva Voutila


Word of warning: Have two boxes of tissues handy.

This book has been nominated for Picture Book of the Year, which means that it concentrates more on the illustrator than the story. It has a happy ending, but this story does have its desperate moments. The pictures are definitely amazing. Some have imagined it to be set in New York, where as I think that it has the feeling of an Eastern European Country. It is comparable to myths and legends. It does make you want to put on an extra jacket and scarf in parts and it makes you want to shed a few layers at the end when it gets warmer. Pictures can evoke a lot of emotions, which this book certainly expresses. Approach with caution, as it will take you on that rollercoaster of emotions and some things may need to be explained to young ones.






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