CBCA Awards – 2015 Nominations – The Duck and the Darklings by Glenda Millard and Stephen Michael King


This is Stephen Michael King’s 3rd nomination this year, this time in the picture book category. He has two in the Early Childhood category. Glenda Millard has been prolific in the last few years, chiefly in the younger readers’ category. Stephen Michael King’s character drawings in this one are in his familiar style, but the backdrops and their interaction with the backdrops are different. Millard’s story is reflective, with a grandfather telling the children stories of yore, with colourful description and unique prose. It is a hard book to describe, because of its many flights of fancy and I don’t want to give away too much. Stephen Michael King’s use of black and white amongst the pops of colour (as they say on those lifestyle shows), is very effective, especially considering the combination of old and new/young and old. These two have worked together before, so they probably understand each others style pretty well by now. When Millard was writing this book, she probably knew that Stephen would go a little bit crazy with the imagery, and that is similar to the effect that the Grandfather has on the children.

Enjoy, it is like a literary licorice allsort!


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