10 facts about Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl at work
  1. He was born on 13 September 1916, in Llandaff, Cardiff. His parents were Norwegian.
  2. He did not start writing for children until he had children of his own.
  3. He wrote all of his children’s stories in a small hut at the bottom of his garden.
  4. He was a Hurricane fighter pilot during World War II.
  5. He had two steel hips and six operations on his spine.
  6. He wrote the screenplays for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the Bond movie You Only Live Twice.
  7. He originally wrote short stories for adults which were later published as Tales of the Unexpected.
  8. He loved chocolate, but not chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream.
  9. He always wrote in pencil on yellow paper.
  10. He died on 23 November 1990 and is buried in the churchyard of St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Great Missenden.

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