Flight by Nadia Wheatley and Armin Greder – Nomination, Picture Book of the Year


The picture book of the year focusses on the illustrator, not the writer, though they both go hand in hand. The last page is the most poignant, the journey to the last page is sad and harrowing. You can feel the emotions of this book through the pictures, the words only enhance the message that they deliver. You experience this book. The weather, the scariness, the emptiness, the tragedy, the courage and determination. The dark pages lead to light pages and the finale of the book gives you hope. It is a book that will win many accolades, it is very timely and very thought provoking. You will not leave this book untouched. As soon as you read it and see it, you will want to read it and see it again.

Armin Greder has done a beautiful job. Nadia Wheatley never fails.


5 stars


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