Callan Phan – Winter Writing Competition 2016

Winter is here

Winter is here!

We’re in the Northern hemisphere.

The snow has fallen,

The fire is hot,

We spend our days in the snow a lot!

Like a cool, frosty blanket,

Snow is here.

It’s covered the forests,

It’s covered the trees.

Snow is the perfect thing for me!

Let the pie sizzle,

Let the ham roast.

The food is delicious,

Give it a toast!

Sit at the table with a knife and fork,

Wait for mum to touch her plate,

Eat up, eat up, give it a taste!

Get ready for fun with the snow and trees,

And charge into battle with your weapon of choice,

A snow fight is awesome when in the snow,

Come on, give it a go!

By Callan Phan



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