Dee Dee Ely – Winter Writing Competition 2016

The winter nights are coming.


Icy wind whistles through the trees.

The house is shaking and the rain is drumming.

A shiver runs down my neck and ends at my knees.

I hug my blue and red blanket closer to my body

And try to go to sleep.

I pull up my jumper hoodie

But the walls begin to creak.


For the winter nights are coming.


The heat from the burning fire is pleasant.

We sing sweet songs of joy and wonders.

My mother and sister are present.

But then the grey sky thunders.

We run to take cover under the gum trees.

I let out a giggle and we sprint inside.

The winter nights are here.


Trees and flowers are budding.

The steam from our breath no longer exists.

The skies are not so grey and black.

Am I the only one who is longing

To have winter back?


But the winter nights are over.




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