Luca Garvey – Winter Writing Competition 2016

Layla, Mia and Wendy’s Life

One day in Snowvillage Layla moved into her new house. It was made of ginger bread. Her friend Mia came to live with her. Layla saw a puppy out in the snowy garden. She brought her in. She felt like ice cubes. Mia put her by the fire with a blanket around her. Wendy, the girl’s named the puppy, went to sleep . So did Mia and Layla. The next day they wen t to a café called The Ginger Cup. The table next to them wasn’t a table, it was an evil shape shifter.

That night a ghost, who had owned the house when he was alive, took a small patch of Wendy’s fur. Then he was gone. The next day Layla saw, she gasped. She ran down the hall and woke Mia up. Layla told her the news.

It was Layla’s birthday and Mia’s too, they had a huge party. There were so many people and presents. For their party they went hiking in the woods. They saw a wood cabin and a crazy lady came out. “Visitors finally! Come in, I just made lunch.” When Wendy came in her fur grew back.






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