Sara Dapin – Winter Writing Competition 2016

One winter’s day, I was in Snowy River with my puppy. I was very cold. I started to see if there was any wildlife around, then I looked down and my puppy was gone.

I ran around to see if my puppy was still close. My puppy was definitely not close. I felt like my puppy was gone and I’d never see her again. I slowly walked around feeling unhappy. I started to dig to see if someone was just playing a prank but no-one was playing a prank. I dug deeper in the snow, my hand hit something, but it was not my puppy. I dug further and I found a path.

I followed the path and I turned around a corner and there, a few metres away, was a great big white polar bear. I was scared at first but when I got closer the polar bear did not do anything. I touched it and it purred.

It turned out to be a very friendly polar bear. It said it saw a cute little puppy run past. The polar bear said the puppy turned right, then all he saw was a blur. I followed the polar bear’s directions and it led to an old shed. I opened the door and it creaked. I saw an old man sitting on a chair near a fire and the fire was not very warm. He had very little food. He looked up and saw me and he shouted at me to get out of his house. But I didn’t get out.

I started to be polite. I asked him if he saw a dog run past and he said he hadn’t seen a dog, then I left.

Outside the shed was a very big forest. I walked for a while then I stopped and stared. There right in front of me was a tiny cottage. I had to crouch down to get through the door. When I got inside it was as big as a palace. I noticed there was some stairs. I thought I should see what was up there. I went up and the stairs creaked. I heard a sobbing noise.

I followed the noise it led to a small bedroom. Outside the door was bags and bags of money. There was an old lady there. I heard her mumbling to herself. She looked up and she asked me to sit down. She told me why she was crying. She said because she robbed all the money in the bank. I interrupted her because I heard a bark. Then I looked out the window and my puppy was there. I felt so joyful. I quickly ran down the stairs. I hugged my puppy. I walked down through the forest back home.





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