Vicky Guan – Winter Writing Competition 2016


Cold days and warm nights-winter writing competition

4th of December 1986

Dear diary,

If there is one thing you need to know about me,its that I am an orphan,and I absolutely hate it,I can’t stand another 60 seconds surrounded by spinster women and homeless children,it’ll be madness..I know,I know ,I should have been grateful,I was given three meals a day,I had a roof over my head(even though it nearly always leaked) we even had a education! In fact you might even call it one of those fancy boarding schools,but those kids have family’s,plus we’re poor.

5th of December 1986

Dear diary,

Today,on this winter morning in London ,a miracle washed upon us orphans,Oh,I must explain,it all started at breakfast,while we ate our usual beige colored slop(well most of us tried to,for some of us ended up vomiting) when one of the younger children started yelling non-stop the word “SNOW” ,and before I knew it everyone was squashed in front of the single window watching the marvelous snow fall and cover the trees in white like icing sugar,for most of us it was the first time they had seen snow, our smiles fell when two of the older staff came in gossiping and forced us to sit down and once again eat our sloppy breakfast,while we pretended to eat, we all had our own thoughts.But me I was angry,I was sick of being pushed around,I was sick of not being able to be like other kids,to have fun.I want cold days of never ending snowball fights,with snow angels and delicate snowflakes ,I wanted golden marshmallows roasted to perfection,scary stories and jokes around campfires,sleeping under the stars.But that’s nothing to do with an orphan…Why can’t I just be happy.Tomorrow I will act.Tomorrow I will be free.

6th of December 1986

Dear diary,

You are the only object besides the piece of bread my friends stole for me from the kitchen when I told them about my plan and the pencil I am using to write this.Yes,I have ran away ,I have taken the first step to freedom,the first step to fun,to warm nights and cold days,though I can’t help but wonder if I had made the right choice or…..not.                                                       7th of December 1986

Dear diary,

I am hungry,I am thirsty,I am lonely.I have finished the bread and started traveling,hoping I might find food,but so far nothing,this is nothing to what I thought,the days are cold and hungry,no fun but instead hard,hard work,cold nights of struggling to sleep,I am so hungry,I would rather eat that slimy slop they gave us,I feel sick,I feel dizzy,I am lost,I am ..                                             9th of December 1986

Dear diary,

Sorry,I couldn’t talk to you yesterday,too busy,you see,I was saved,you’ll probably thinking some kind family picked me up,but sadly,it was a staff member of the orphanage that found me,apparently they were going on their daily stroll to loose weight(I have to admit,she does need to exercise more)anyway,after a big talk with the mean orphanage manager,i slowly walked down the hallway,ignoring my friends disappointment.

24th of December 2002

Dear childhood diary,

Hello,haven’t written to you in a terribly long time,its Christmas eve and this is your gift, a lot has past,I have been adopted by a kind couple,I am now a successful lawyer too,oh ,and the orphanage? Its a lot better,they even go camping in winter! I still visit.I’ve had the best winters ever!



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