Violetta Quintero – Winter Writing Competition

One cold winters day a leaf named Eucalypt came out to play with her friends. When she got to the top of the tree, she turned from blue to cream, her friend Bob the stick was camouflaged that day. Her other friend Daisy the flower, her petals were starting to shrivel. They all thought something was wrong. Then they remembered, it was winter.


At night they all snuggled up in a tree. They were nice and warm because of a fire. They didn’t know where the fire was coming from. The next day they could smell themselves and they could nearly taste themselves. Then they noticed a bush fire very near them. Daisy has always wanted to be a super hero…


So they tried spiting at the fire, that didn’t work. Then they tried stealing jugs of water from a house near by. Then they poured the water onto the fire but that just made more fire. They tried to get a hose from a fire truck but they got swept up into compost. Luckily they escaped.


They tried again but they did it a different way. They climbed on the roof like climbing on a tree, they dropped onto the hose and took it while a man was sweeping. They tried to get home, but they couldn’t get home because the fire had spread, so they hosed it to make their way. They saved the day. They finally had a real, warm winters night in a tree, near a fire where people were camping.




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