They have to be Zine to be believed! – School Holiday Programmes

We have been having some questions about the two programmes that we are having on Zines in the School Holidays.

One programme is Crime Zines – Online for 9-12 years. This programme is nearly booked out. We may have a second one if there is a demand for it. Emily Woods is a blogger and online zine maker. Zines are essentially small magazines, these ones are made on line, where you can copy and paste. They don’t have to be just drawings and pictures, they can also be poems, stories, etc.  Emily will be showing the kids how it is done and giving them some tips on restrictions and rules as well as some technical tips. This programme will be held in the computer room at Leichhardt Library. We have put the age up on this programme because it is technically geared to the older children.

The other Zines programme is for the 5-8’s and it is about the original Zines  – handmade ones. The kids are encouraged to bring their favourite pictures, words, whatever they want to put into their Zine. I have the templates made and we will also supply some stickers, magazines, clip art and bits and pieces to stick into your Zine. Many libraries have Zine collections which can be borrowed. This programme will be held in Leichhardt Library meeting Room.

I hope that this helps.

For more information on times and dates and location, please go to the website and/or book on Eventbrite.




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