Gary – Leila Rudge – CBCA Early Childhood nomination

The bird could have been called Barry or Kevin and we would have thought that it was a uniquely Australian beginning. It starts off a bit sad but it ends up happy. He is not your regular pigeon. This would probably be my favourite of all of the books nominated.  The pictures are interesting, the story is original and it is kind of warm and fuzzy.


Mechanica – a beginner’s field guide – Lance Balchin – Picture Book of the Year

This totally deserves a nomination for the pictures. No tissues necessary, though perhaps a sense of humour and an open and inquiring mind may be handy. It is okay, you don’t need to make an appointment with a special doctor. If you are totally confused by this book, just enjoy the pictures and hope for the best.



Out – Angela May George and Owen Swan – Picture Book Nomination – CBCA Award

This is not one for the faint of heart. It is a very moving picture book which has been nominated (as all books have in this section) for its illustrations.

It is very topical and very emotional. It has a message of hope but it is also very sad. I would not read this to a very young person, I would aim it more for a school aged child, because of the issues that it discusses.

It is very tenderly told and the illustrations are surely noteworthy.



Nannie Loves – Kylie Dunstan – Nomination for Early Childhood CBCA award

It is good to see different authors recognised for their efforts. This will be endearing to anyone who loved their Nannie/Nanny/Granny/Grandma/Grandmother/Oma/Nonna/Nan. It will also resonate with those who like the simple things in life and who love or have come from farms. The illustrations are unique, probably making it worthy of a picture book nomination as well. I found it very nostalgic. It reminded me of my youth and my relationship with my maternal grandmother. Sunday lunches and playing with Granny and the animals on the farm were special for me too. A very simple story told well.