Go Home Cheeky Animals! Johanna Bell and Dion Beasley – Nomination for CBCA Early Childhood award

Well, if you are looking for something different…..here it is. It is a book that is hard to describe, let alone review. I have read it a couple of times now and I am not sure what it is all about. I will leave it to you to decide.


Nannie Loves – Kylie Dunstan – Nomination for Early Childhood CBCA award

It is good to see different authors recognised for their efforts. This will be endearing to anyone who loved their Nannie/Nanny/Granny/Grandma/Grandmother/Oma/Nonna/Nan. It will also resonate with those who like the simple things in life and who love or have come from farms. The illustrations are unique, probably making it worthy of a picture book nomination as well. I found it very nostalgic. It reminded me of my youth and my relationship with my maternal grandmother. Sunday lunches and playing with Granny and the animals on the farm were special for me too. A very simple story told well.


Special Dyslexia Collection – Leichhardt and Balmain Libraries

We are pleased to inform you all that we have a new collection within our Children’s section of Leichhardt and Balmain Libraries. The collection will be included in the Junior Fiction collection, but it will have a special label. The Dyslexia Friendly collection will have a distinctive label. These books were purchased from Soundtext Media, one of our books suppliers. They are books which may be borrowed by all readers but they are especially geared towards those children with Dyslexia.

We will have special displays at Leichhardt and Balmain libraries and then we will be putting them in the collection. You may borrow these items at any time, just like you would borrow other books and items in the collection.

It is hoped that this collection of fun and innovative books will help those with Dyslexia and be enjoyed by the general public.