These are early days in our new blog, but we hope to develop this area to its full potential!  I will be adding links to this blog which will hopefully help parents and carers with their babies, toddlers and school aged children.  We are currently re-building our Parent Teacher collection, which was relocated this year to a separate shelf space in Leichhardt Library.  Our budget is limited but our hopes are high!  We also have many useful books and dvds on this subject in the adult non-fiction areas.  Stay tuned.

New parent teacher books in both libraries

Please check the special Parent/Teacher shelves in the libraries. We have recently purchased some new books. The collection is slowly building. We have limited space and budget for this area, but we are doing our best.

The Parent Teacher collections will soon be blended with the Adult Non Fiction.


5 thoughts on “Parents

    • Hello, We don’t have a parent/teacher section anymore, sadly, but we would put them into our adult non fiction section if they are in good condition and if they are current. Thanks.


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