Reading Together Part 2

We had a lovely time today at Leichhardt Library with Reading Together, Part 2. Pamela Freeman was sick, sadly, but we had Libby Hathorn, Stephanie Smee and Susanne Gervay with us and they were terrific.

Thanks to all who attended.

We hope to have more of these sessions in the future.




Big Thanks to Deb Abela and Duncan Ball

We had the best time at Leichhardt Library yesterday. Two sessions full of kids and parents enjoyed two wonderful authors, Deborah Abela and Duncan Ball talk about writing and their books and characters and got to ask them lots of questions in a Q and A style fashion.

They had photos with them and autographs. It was a lovely, informal session.


Then we had the Spelling Bee which Dan won but not without some pretty tough competition. They were all pretty fantastic. Thanks so much Deb for going above and beyond the call of duty.


Thanks to all of the kids and parents who turned up – I hope you had a great time.


Bookings for programmes

Thank you to all who are attending our school holiday programmes. Thanks to all of those who have rung in or emailed us to let us know if they can’t make it. Please always make sure that you contact us as we have people who would like to come in your place. It is also a polite gesture for the people who either volunteer their time and expertise for your children or as a courtesy to us who pay for some pretty amazing people. We understand if opportunities come up, visitors arrive or kids get sick, but it is good if you can let us know. Thank you.